4th Forest & Wood Innovation Forum
December 14, 2021

High-level meeting with representatives from the Bask regional government and stakeholders
December 16, 2021
San Sebastián, Spain


December 8  WoodCircus – New Opportunities of Circular Economy and Good Practices for Wood Products Sector, Regional Implementation Finland Joensuu, Finland & Online
December 1st WoodCircus Policy Event: Unlocking the Green Growth Endorsed by the European Woodworking Industries – WoodCircus Key Messages and Policy recommendations  Brussels, Belgium & Online
October 25 Key Enabling Technologies for a Sustainable Future – Swedish-Finnish Seminar on Bioeconomy Online
August 18 FAÇADE Webinar Series Online
August 1-6 Society of Wood Science and Technology: Annual, International Wood Science Conference Arizona, US
July 15-17 10e Forum International Bois Construction – 10th International Wood Construction Forum Paris, France & online
May 18-20 Renewable Materials Conference Online
April 15 3rd Forest & Wood Innovation Forum Virtual
April 8 The New European Bauhaus: How can the wood sector engage, contribute and co-create? Virtual


Oct 7 Wood Industry: Sustainability and Circular Economy (Webinar series: « High-tech meets nature – wood biodiversity for the future », EU Green Week event) Online
Oct 2 IFIB 2020 – International Forum on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioeconomy Rome, Italy & Online
Sep 4 Semana de la madera Online
Sep 3-4 Mountain forests & climate change in the Alpine region Aix les Bains, France
Sep 3 The InnoRenew CoE International Conference 2020: “Integrating sustainability and health in buildings through renewable materials » Izola, Slovenia & Online
July 8-9 InnovaWood General Assembly Online
June 24 – July 21 Webinar series « Reduce, reuse, recycle – the future of building materials » Online
April 24 WoodCircus Good Practices criteria evaluation workshop (Finland) Online
April 21 WoodCircus Good Practices criteria evaluation workshop (wood product industries) Online
March 26 WoodCircus Virtual General Assembly Online
March 6 Buildings and the green deal: Challenges and trends – National Expert Consultation Ljubljana, Slovenia
March 3 ForestValue Group meeting Brussels, Belgium
Feb 25 UIPP Stakeholder meeting Paris, France
Feb 25 WoodPolis 2020 – Project meeting Kuhmo, Finland
Feb 14 WoodCircus EU expert meeting Brussels, Belgium
Feb 14 Forest Bioeconomy Group meeting of North Karelia (POKAT) Joensuu, Finland
Feb 11-12 1st International Conference on Cellulose Fibres Cologne, Germany
Feb 5 RTDI Expert Group meeting of Tampere wood construction Tampere, Finland
Jan 28 Business Models for the Circular Economy in the Arctic: Wood, Waste Management & Design Paris, France
Dec 10 Charta für Holz 2.0 im Dialog Berlin, Germany
Dec 4  BBI JU Stakeholder Forum 2019 Brussels, Belgium
Nov 19 Woodpolis 2020 – workshop of investigation on ecological production region of wood sector Kuhmo, Finland
Nov 14-15 Biocomposites Conference Cologne Cologne, Germany
Nov 13 WoodCircus Workshop Cologne, Germany
Nov 7-9 ICWSE 2019 – The 12th edition of the International Conference « Wood Science and Engineering in the Third Millenium » Brasov, Romania
Oct 29 European Workshop on Bioeconomy Paris, France
Oct 23-24 URBAN COLOGNE Efficient Construction with Wood Cologne, Germany
Oct 20-25 The Society of Wood Science & Technology: « Renewable Materials and the Wood-based Bioeconomy » Yosemite National Park, United States
Oct 14-18 SICAM Fair Pordenone, Italy
Oct 8 Woodpolis 2020 – Project meeting Kuhmo, Finland
Sep 30 – Oct 3 WoodRise World Congress Quebec City, Canada
Sep 1 – Oct 1 EDSCE 2019 – European Days for Sustainable Circular Economy Helsinki, Finland
Sep 24-25 Drivers for wood construction seminar – Side event of Forum Wood Building Nordic 2019 Joensuu, Finland
Sep 19 Wood in the circular economy of construction building – Opening seminar of the project call for experimental development « Growth and progress from wood » Helsinki, Finland
Sep 17 Statustagung Charta für Holz 2.0 Berlin, Germany
Sep 13 LUKE Circles Tampere Tampere, Finland
Sep 5 French-German forest-based bioeconomy meeting Champs-sur-Marne, France
Sep 4-6 Wood 2019 Jyväskylä, Finland
Sep 4-6 EPF Environmental Working Group Brussels, Belgium
July 10-11 French-Finnish bilateral workshop « Circular Bioeconomy, a tool for innovation-based growth and wellbeing in France and Finland » Helsinki, Finland
July 8 WoodCircus Project Meeting & General Assembly Helsinki, Finland
June 12 Woodpolis 2020 – Project meeting Kuhmo, Finland
May 27-31 Wood Industry Summit, LIGNA Hannover, Germany
May 24 Interzum Fair for Furniture Cologne, Germany
May 20 Innovations workshop VHI Cologne, Germany
May 15-16 LUKE Circles Oulu Oulu, Finland
May 14 How will the province of Kainuu meet the climate change – new wellbeing in changing economic and environmental conditions Kajaani, Finland
May 8 Network PuuSuomi Helsinki, Finland
April 12 BBI JU Info Day Brussels, Belgium
April 10 WoodCircus workshop « Resource efficiency, recycling and practices in the utilisation of wood-based side streams of saw mill industries » Helsinki, Finland
April 9-14 Salone del Mobile Milan, It
March 28 EUSALP workshop « How to build a successful incubator ecosystem in the Alpine space? The power of networks » Konstanz, Germany
March 28 Woodpolis 2020 – learning of wood, project meeting Kuhmo, Finland
March 27 InnovaWood General Assembly Hamburg, Germany
Jan 30 – Feb 1 WoodCircus EU13 Fact finding work Warsaw, Poland


Dec 12 FTP Advisory Board meeting Brussels, Belgium
Dec 3-4 Adriatic Wood Days Dubrovnik, Croatia
Nov 23 Day of the Woodworking industry Hamburg, Germany
Nov 13-14 WoodCircus Kick-off meeting Bordeaux, France
Nov 7-8 PuuSuomi network seasonal meeting 2018 Joensuu, Finland
Nov 5 The IV National Congress of Silviculture Turin, Italy
Oct 2-3 14th annual meeting of the Northern European Network for Wood Science and Engineering (WSE 2018) Tallinn, Estonia
Aug 28-29 Only good reasons #2 – Seminar of log house building Pudasjärvi, Finland


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