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Public awareness endorses circular bioeconomy performances by reuse and recycling networks in the Southern-Mediterranean macro-region

14 December 2021 | Giovanni Tosi and Javier Garcia Jaca

In the Southern-Mediterranean macro-region, the woodworking value chains strongly enhance the circular transition as public perception and procurement processes boost innovative recovery networks and post-consumer production. The public awareness and acceptance of reused and recycled materials is highest in this macro-region for Europe which can be a model stimulating the involvement of society and citizens in other European macro-regions.

Waste wood recovery and recycling in France: Extended producer responsibility systems

14 December 2021 | Gérard Déroubaix

In the field of waste management, the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) system has proved to be quite efficient for developing waste management for different categories of products.

Woodworking industries in Central-Eastern European macro-region foster sustainable industrial growth

2 December 2021 | Anne-Christine Ritschkoff and Andreas Nikolaus Kleinschmit von Lengefeld

Strong potential for green industrial growth and business model innovations with a wide diversity of forest resources are among the strengths of the macro-region today. However, the awareness and understanding of circular economy concept among the companies can still be improved.

Woodworking industries redefining the circular bioeconomy in Northern Europe

25 November 2021 | Erkki Verkasalo and Kai Merivuori

Advanced industrial co-operation, business model innovations and supportive governmental environment are the key assets of the wood-based circular economy and wood construction value networks in Northern Europe. There is a large potential to position climate friendly woodworking products in the core of forest-based industries, and enlarge and develop the markets for innovative and sustainable solutions.

Wood we do not waste

21 September 2020 | WP2: Giovanni Tosi, Erkki Verkasalo and Mariapia D’Anghela

The wood processing industry is progressively aware of the radical change that the adoption of a circular economy model requires. Our analysis shows an image of a sector, which is taking directions down new innovation paths. Giovanni Tosi, Erkki Verkasalo and Mariapia D’Anghela share their insights on the fact findings.

From Egoism to Ecoism

28 July 2020 | Project Co-coordinator, Andreas Kleinschmit von Lengefeld

Europe’s forest ecosystems and the forest-based sector are key partner for achieving the climate neutrality by 2050. We are ready to write the next chapter with European citizens as the forest-based people are in the heart of the Green Deal objectives.

Why do we circus on wood?

8 June 2020 | Project Coordinator, Anne-Christine Ritschkoff

Why is resource-wise use of materials a global must? How is WoodCircus promoting the circularity of the European wood processing sector? Read about the thoughts of our Project Coordinator, Anne-Christine Ritschkoff, on global challenges, circularity and the importance of wood for today’s society and economy.


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